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Hou-Tex Glass and Mirror: Glass Information

- What is Low E glass?
Low E (low emissivity) glass is high performance window glass made with an invisible thin metallic coating that blocks heat flow. This type of glass can reduce energy loss by as much as 30 - 50%. Not only will it help to keep it cool inside, but it also reduce sun damage and fading.

- What is an insulated window?
This refers to windows with 2 or more
panes of glass; also referred to
as double pane windows. (See diagram).
The 2 glass panes are spaced apart and
hermetically sealed to form a single unit
with an air space between each pane of
glass. The glass layers and the air space
resist heat flow.

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- What is float glass?
This type of glass is also called window glass and comes in different thicknesses (dependent on the window frame) and while generally is clear in color also can have a color tint.

- What is patterned glass?
Pattern glass generally has a pattern on one side and is available in different thicknesses. It has several purposes including - light control, diffusing the visibility and decorative.

- What is wired glass?
Wire glass is used in fire-rated windows and doors because it meets most fire codes. It is made by feeding a welded wire net into the molten glass before it enters the rollers. The wire does not add strength to the glass, but it does hold the glass lite in the sash if it shatters.

- What is tempered glass?
Tempered glass is also called safety glass. When it is broken it is designed to shatter into cube-shaped particles. It offers greater strength than float glass. It is required in some openings by building codes.

- What is impact resistance and wind codes in regard to glass?
Architects must consider the force of wind on a building when choosing glass. Impact resistance is closely related to wind load because the wind carries debris. During tornadoes and hurricanes, the wind carries much larger objects.

- What is laminated glass?
"Lami" is made by placing a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyrol - a type of resin) between two or more glass lites (clear,tinted or tempered). The entire unit is then fused under heat and pressure in a special oven. When laminated glass breaks the glass particles adhere to the PVB and do not fly or fall out. Laminates can be used for safety glass applications, to reduce sound and to increase security.

- What are mirrors?
Mirrors are made from high quality annealed float glass by depositing a layer of silver on one surface of the glass. If the metal backing of a mirror deteriorates the silver turns black. While it can be resilvered, this process is very expensive and the results vary. Generally it is best to replace the mirror.

- What is spandrel glass?
It is not a type of glass, instead, it refers to the use of obscure glass in non-vision areas of the building.. This area is the part of the wall between the head of one window and the sill of the window above it.

- What other types of glass are there?
Bullet resistance glass, art glass, sound reduction glass, etc. The list goes on dependent on the application needed.

Learn more about Low-emissivity window glazing from
the U.S Department of Energy

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